About us

Trinus Autoservizi is a company that deals with transport people and not only. We can deliver parcels, envelopes and packages.

The comfort, punctuality make our company a solid point of reference for those who love to travel for business or for fun, with maximum reliability of discretion and personal freedom.

Our cars are equipped with permits that allow entry into the urban pedestrian areas and limited traffic for navigating lanes.

There you will find prestigious cars equipped with every comfort (Satellite navigation, multi-zone climate control, leather interior, privacy glass and more …), recent, carefully controlled before each trsferimento.

You’ll find drivers in possession of a license and registered with the professional drivers, with years of experience, discreet, professional, ready to meet your needs’. A disciplined and ambitious songwriter does not wait for an uncontemplated flash of inspiration, but creates best dissertation all necessary conditions for long and persistent work.